day stay

Day Stay

Dog Day Care at Wizard of Paws

Working all day?
Worry about your dog home alone?
Day Stay could be just what your dog needs.

Our Day Stay service offers a day crèche, Monday to Friday. Priority is given to ensuring well being, health, happiness and safety through supervised play, socializing, exercise and quiet time. We make use of a separate area for feeding should your dog require to eat during their stay with us. Pre-registration and advance booking required. All dogs must be neutered or spayed.

day stay

Would you like to book a trial?

Please read our FAQs to make sure your dog is eligible for Day Stay. Fill out our enquiry form below and let us know as much information about your dog(s) and requirements as you can. We will get in touch to discuss further.

Flossie starts wagging her tail when we turn into the street and pulls me across the road. She cant wait to see which of her pals are in for the day. The staff are always friendly and are all doggy people who understand doggy ways and are patient with doggy owners.“

Heather Davis and Flossie

price list

Price List

  • Half Day (£12)

    Monday to Friday. 8:30am–1pm OR 1pm–5:30pm

  • Full Day (£21)

    Monday to Friday. 8:30am–5:30pm.

    Loyalty reward rates available. Contact us for more details.



  • Is this a walk-in service?

    It’s vital that your dog is happy and safe, so we pay particular attention to the guests using our day-stay service and so to ensure canine karma, bookings need to be made in advance.

  • Does my dog need to neutered / spayed?

    Yes, all dogs in Day Stay over the age of 7 months need to be neutered or spayed.

  • Can my puppy come to Day Stay?

    Puppies are very welcome! Providing your pup is fully vaccinated.

  • How do I book Day Stay?

    We invite day stay guests for a trial assessment before a booking is made. Owners are most welcome to stay during this brief session. To arrange a trial please contact us on 0141 632 4466.

  • What happens during a trial session?

    We will introduce him or her to the other Day Stay guests and ensure all concerned are happy for your dog to join the Day Stay pack.