Wizard of Paws
32 Cogan Street
G43 1AP
T: 0141 632 4466

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  Ask for one of self service bathing loyatly cards when you are paying for your bath and get the 10th self service bath for free.
Please request a stamp for each bath and your dog(s) can enjoy a tenth bath on us!
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  For the first time in this country, dog owners are able to bath their own dogs in the wonderful Wizard of Paws indoor, self-service, Dog washing complex.

A unique and satisfying experience to be had by all dog owners.

Our purpose built facility has a special ambience which will make you feel far removed from Glasgow’s suburbia. You would be forgiven for thinking you were visiting a ranch in the middle of the wilderness.

Once checked in at reception , one of the Wizard of Paws team will show you into your own bathing booth, where you will be given full instructions and safety tips for using the system.

Once your dog is safely secured in the bath, we will leave you to it. You and your best friend will get lost in the fabulous atmosphere and the wonderful aromas of our specialist shampoos and products. All our products are natural and free of harsh chemicals, pesticides and preservatives that can be harmful to our pets, us, and the environment. They are biodegradable and earth friendly.

We provide you with everything you need. Freshly laundered towels, Brushes and combs, an apron, gloves if you should choose to use them and a choice of finishing spray colognes.
The water temperature is preset and thermostatically controlled, so there is NO risk of scolding your pet. At the flick of a switch, Shampoo is automatically dispensed through the spray nozzle and will penetrate even the thickest coat, to leave you dog looking good and feeling even better. We even supply you with a high velocity, professional dryer.

Our baths have been specially designed to suit even the largest of the giant breeds. There is a door that opens to let you dog step in.

Because even the tinniest dog deserves the most amount of pampering we have a special bath for our smaller four legged friend. This bath is taller to save you bending over and spoiling your experience at Wizard of Paws.

Then for the best bit….walk away and leave all the mess to our dedicated “sanitizer team” who will then prepare and disinfect the whole booth ready for the next lucky dog.

Self Service bathing from £9 for 30 minutes


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