Our one-off workshops cover a range of training techniques for dogs aged 5 months onwards, with space for 4-8 dogs per session depending on what is being taught. All our workshops are suitable for beginners and pro.

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Looselead Workshop

If it feels like the dog is the one taking you for a walk, then this is the workshop for you!

Pulling on the lead is one of the most common training issues. Having control on the lead is important for the safety of both you and your dog. We'll help you to tackle pulling on the lead and build your confidence. Working both indoors and outdoors you’ll learn how to control your dog on a loose lead. This workshop takes place on a Saturday and lasts for an hour and a half, with a maximum of 4 dogs per session.

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Recall Workshop

If you teach nothing else, make sure you teach the perfect recall!

If your dog has ‘selective hearing’ when off the lead or is more interested in other things at the park then you’ll need this vital skill. A good recall is important for the safety of your dog and for respecting the general public – remember, not everyone is an animal lover. Our 2 hour recall workshop, on a Saturday, focuses on building a reliable recall with your dog using reward based techniques, to help you feel assured that your dog will return to you when called.

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Canine First Aid Workshop

Accidents do happen, and this workshop, used by those working professionally in the canine care industry, is designed to help you prevent or deal with medical situations effectively.

You will be coached in all aspects of caring for an ill or injured dog before and during their transportation to veterinary care. Areas covered include emergency muzzling, choking, poisoning, bleeding and bandaging. The course is five hours long and caters for up to 9 people.

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Tellington Touch

A specialist 2.5 hour workshop, on a Saturday afternoon, is taken by a qualified TTouch trainer, this is an intimate and fun class designed for dogs who are nervous, anxious, or excitable, or suffer from mobility, health or illness issues. The ‘TTouch’ is a method of therapy based on a combination of specific touches, lifts and movement exercises. TTouch helps to reduce stress, increase attention span and promote relaxation in your dog. Reducing tension in this way helps your dog become more confident, more focused, calmer, less reactive, quieter and easier to train.

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