From Chihauhau to Newfoundland, we welcome all sizes and breeds into our state of the art groom room. No dog too big or too small.

Our experienced groomers are highly trained to groom your dog with care and attention to detail. Your dog will be groomed in a modern, hygienic, safe and stress free environment. We will always consult with you regarding your dog’s needs before commencing any session to ensure we provide a quality and compassionate service.

Tip: To make sure you get the appointment you need, remember to book your appointment as far in advance as possible.

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Puppy Grooming

For young puppies who have been fully vaccinated we offer a complementary puppy session in our groom room.

This involves one of our experienced groomers introducing your puppy to the sights, sounds and smells in the grooming environment and to get your pup's tail wagging. It's important to plant the right seed in your dog's mind and to create a positive introduction. Experience has shown us how important this session can be in ensuring your dog's long term confidence when visiting the groomers.

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Zack and Jack were in a bit of a mess when they came for grooming. Gillian did a wonderful job, couldn't believe she managed to get them looking so good. Thanks for a job really well done.”

C McDougall with Jack and Zack the Cockapoos


Grooming Services

Prices are dependant on breed & coat condition. Please contact us to enquire about a price for your dog.
  • Complimentary Puppy Session

    Introduction to grooming for puppies.

  • Top & Tail

    A quick trim around the face, paws and bottom.

  • Bath & Brush

    Includes bath, conditioning treatment, brush, blow dry and style.

  • Cast-Off Session

    Helps to reduce casting of fur in the home.
    Includes bath, conditioning treatment, cast-off treatment and dry.

  • Full Groom - Clipped

    Includes bath, conditioning treatment, brush, blow dry, scissored / clipped and style.

  • Full Groom - Hand Strip*

    Includes bath, conditioning treatment, brush, blow dry, handstrip and style. *only suitable for some coat types

  • Dematting

    Will be charged as an addition to full groom price when a dogs coat is severely matted on arrival

*Ear cleaning and nail clipping are provided as necessary during full grooming sessions.



Prices are dependant on breed & coat condition. Please contact us to enquire about a price for your dog.
  • How long will it take to fully groom my dog?

    Time for a full groom is dependant on several factors including breed, temperament and coat type and condition. We will be able to advise you when you bring your dog in when to expect a call to let you know he or she is ready for uplift.

  • Is this a walk-in service?

    Due to demand, all grooming appointments must be booked in advance. We recommend making your dog’s appointment a few weeks in advance to ensure you get the date and time you need.

  • Can I make an appointment to have my dogs nails clipped?

    Nail clipping is not offered as a stand alone service, however we include this in our Full Groom and our Top n Tail sessions.

  • My dogs coat is matted. Will you shave off the coat?

    We try to avoid clipping a dog’s coat off unless completely necessary. Occasionally, when possible we will endeavour to de-matt the coat providing the process is deemed suitable and will not cause stress or discomfort to your dog. Your pet's welfare is our number one priority at all times. During an initial consultation when you come for your appointment your groomer will be able to assess the coat and determine how best to proceed. In cases where the coat is heavily matted, however, there may be no option but to clip the coat off. We will provide you with advice on how to care for your dog’s coat at home and how to prevent it from becoming badly matted in the future. Signed authorisation is required from the owner before proceeding with a full 'clip off'.