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Successful training relies on understanding, patience and knowledge. Our courses develop these elements to create a strong, effective life long bond.

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Junior Foundation

This 5 week course is ideal for dogs aged 6 to 18 months who haven’t yet had any, or need a little extra, basic training. Get to grips with those training techniques, build a good dog-owner relationship and socialise your dog. We welcome up to 8 dogs on this course on a Thursday evening.

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The next stage of training for dogs who have completed our own Puppy or Junior Foundation course. Work on your dog becoming more responsive to you regardless of the environment. Novice is a popular 5 week course for up to 8 dogs and runs on a Sunday.

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This course is tailored for up to 10 dogs, over 8 months old, who have completed our Novice training. It is held outdoors during the summer evenings. Lasting for 3 weeks, we work in a park environment challenging your skills to the next level with real life distractions.

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Puppy Foundation

If your puppy is fully vaccinated and under 6 months old, then sign up for this course.

A five week course, for up to 8 dogs, in which you’ll build a good dog-owner relationship while working on basic training skills. During the course we cover a variety of basic commands which give you further control including: sit, down, come when called, walking on the lead, stay, rules of play, accepting of handling, leave etc. Puppy foundation places fill up quickly, so new owners should book early!

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