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For everything your dog needs... and doesn’t!

At Wizard of Paws you’ll be amazed to see just how many specialist dog products we have. We stock our very own Buchanan’s Premium Complete Dog Food range, healthy treats, training accessories, exciting toys and much more. You’ll find collars and leads to suit every dog from our huge selection. We’re always happy to share our knowledge and to help you choose the right products for you and your dog.

Working dog? Pet dog? Senior dog? Young pup? Fluffy dog? Dirty dog? Sleepy dog? Big dog? Toy dog?
No matter what kind of dog you have, we’ve got something instore to suit every dog.

open 7 days a week

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Auldhouse Retail Park
32 Cogan St
Glasgow, G43 1AP

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Open 7 Days A Week

Please check our Facebook for opening times.

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Absolutely fantastic service. ALL the staff are very helpful, know their stuff and most importantly, actually seem to care about your dog and the service they give. Simply put, the best place to shop for my pup Coco!”

S Fraser with Coco