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We also offer one-to-one training services to clients who would benefit from working privately with a trainer.

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Behavioural Session

Barking? Aggression? Fear? Jumping up? If any of these behavioural issues are too familiar, don’t worry – we can help!

Dogs can develop undesirable behaviours at any stage in their life for many reasons such as phobias, lack of training, poor owner-dog relationship or simply to test the boundaries. Our behaviourists are experienced in dealing with any behavioural issues your dog may be exhibiting. A typical one hour behavioural session can be held at your home, or in a local outdoor area. During the session, we’ll assess your dog to identify the underlying cause of a particular behaviour. Based on this we’ll specify a unique Behaviour Modification Programme, in which you’ll learn training techniques that are designed to combat the issue effectively. For extra peace of mind, we provide unlimited support for the duration of the programme.

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Individual Training

If you’d like to work on general training or get to grips with a particular training technique, individual training may be the perfect answer.

It may be suited to you if your dog is nervous around other dogs or if you or your dog work better away from a class environment. We offer calm, individual one-to-one training sessions for any age or breed of dog in which the trainer will tailor the session to your requirements and help you focus on reaching your personal training goals. Our One-to-One sessions last for one hour and can be held in our training arena, at your home or at a local outdoor area – whatever is best for you and your dog? Sessions can be held all over Glasgow. There may be a boundary charge for areas outside of Glasgow

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